Standing Seam Roofing in Broussard LA

Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Broussard

Are you looking for roofing services? We deal with the realization of roofs and the remaking of roofs and with the assembly of insulated panels, both for civil and industrial buildings. Thanks to a long experience gained in the field, we are able to carry out professional work and achieve excellent results, able to meet any functional requirement while ensuring the maximum coefficient of safety, strength, and durability. In fact, as well as guaranteeing perfect thermal insulation, our roofs are solid and resistant to atmospheric agents such as gusts of wind and snow loads, thus reducing maintenance work to repair any damage.

The metal roofs of residential buildings and industrial roofs require constant maintenance in order to assess their condition and extend their service life as much as possible. In cases where the condition of the roof of a house is no longer considered suitable or is even harmful to the health and physical safety of the inhabitants (or employees in the case of industrial roofing), our company intervenes in the restructuring or complete renovation of the roofs. The renovation can include the reconstruction of roofs in all their elements – gutters, drainage channels, chimneys – a new waterproofing and, in case of problems related to energy saving, we provide for the installation of a good thermal insulation.

All renovations are carried out in compliance with estimates, timescales, and agreements signed with customers, guaranteeing maximum transparency. In addition, the technicians employed by our company work in maximum safety (for themselves, for any third persons and for the environment, especially in the case of disposal of toxic materials such as asbestos), in strict compliance with the regulations in force.

Sheet metal roof construction

The roof of a house, both large and small, is certainly one of the most important parts of the entire building, and the installation involves experience and selection in the choice of raw materials. Building roofs generally determine the quality of the entire house and must be tailored to the specific needs of the building as a whole. The technicians of the sector carry out all the necessary works to solve the problems of every type of roof.

We with the complete renovation of the roof and at the same time with the replacement of some parts in case of need. Specifically, we act in the field of installation, assembly and construction of building roofs and traditional sheet metal roofs, trapezoidal and double standing seam. We also manage the general structure and accessory components (which affect the quality of the entire work): these include descending downpipes, shafts for water discharge, strips, chimney chimneys for fireplaces and eaves. The company offers its expertise to realize high-quality sheet metal roofs, managing with professionalism and specialized personnel every technical aspect, thanks to the proven experience in the field: from quotes, to design and execution of works.

Insulated metal roof panels in Broussard, LA

To improve the comfort of buildings, it is useful to install and install insulated metal roof panels. This type of covering represents a useful barrier to combat corrosion and reduce heat dispersion. The insulated panel roofs help to reduce the wear and tear caused by atmospheric agents, thanks to the use of specific zinc-coated steel laminates and paint films. Usually, these roofs consist of metal profile supports and an insulating polyurethane mass. In order to meet the most advanced needs of heat transmission, insulated roofs offer a valid solution to the problems related to heat dispersion and energy maintenance in buildings.

The insulating power of insulated roofs is obtained thanks to the insulating properties of rigid polyurethane, a material made up of high-density closed cells. The support is also fundamental: the panel must be inserted on a suitable metal structure that will determine its efficiency. We deal with building design, providing specific experience in the field of building roofs and realizing highly preformed insulated panels. In order to achieve this result, the company offers its installers, professionals in the sector with skills, experience and in-depth knowledge of the most modern and effective techniques and methodologies.

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